Active Clubs

Attention club execs!
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ACSioN Facebook K-201
African Students Association of Concordia Facebook K-201
AIESEC Concordia K-130
American Fisheries Society Quebec Student Subunit Facebook
Amnesty International Concordia Facebook P-307
Artificial Intelligence Society Concordia Facebook
Best Buddies Facebook
Chasse et Pêche
Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) Facebook
Concordia Canadian Asian Society Facebook K-210
Concordia Cheerleading Facebook
Concordia Christian Fellowship Facebook
Concordia Dance Club Facebook
Concordia Debate Society (CDS) Facebook
Concordia Diplomatic Affairs Facebook
Concordia Dodgeball League Facebook K-120
Concordia Dragon Boat Club Facebook
Concordia E-Sports Student Association Facebook K-220
Concordia Fashion Business Association Facebook
Concordia Fintech Society Facebook
Concordia Foosball Club Facebook
Concordia French Society Facebook
Concordia Game Development Facebook
Concordia Games Club Facebook SC-0311
Concordia International Students Association Facebook
Concordia Management Consulting Club Facebook
Concordia Music Zone Out (CMZO) Facebook
Concordia Outdoors Club Facebook
Concordia Real Estate Club Facebook
Concordia Sikh Students Association Facebook
Concordia Ski & Snowboard Club Facebook P-103
Concordia Student Exchange Association Facebook
Concordia Student Nightline Facebook
Concordia Students for Parkinson’s Facebook
Concordia Syrian Students’ Association Facebook P-206
Concordia University Catholic Student Association Facebook
Concordia University Pagan Society (CUPS) Facebook
Concordia University Tamil Mantram (CUTAM) Facebook SC-033
Concordia University Tea Enthusiast Association (CUTEA) Facebook
Concordia University Tennis Club Facebook
Concordi’ART Facebook
Conservative Concordia Facebook
Data Intelligence Society Concordia Facebook K-130
Délégation Concordia aux Jeux de la Communication Facebook
Don Milson School of Improv Facebook
Frontier College K-110
Global China Connection Concordia Chapter Facebook
Haitian Students at Concordia (HSAC) Facebook K-202
Hillel Concordia P-205
Israel on Campus Facebook P-205
Lebanese Student Association Facebook P-304
Mauritian Students of Concordia Facebook
MEDLIFE Facebook
MedSpecs Concordia Facebook SC-035
Mind Your Books Facebook
Moot Law Society Facebook
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Facebook P-203, P-211.1 (library)
NDP Concordia Association Facebook
Otaku Anime of Concordia University Facebook P-106
Pakistani Students Association Concordia Facebook
Power to Change Facebook
Pre-Dental Student Society Facebook SC-035
Roleplaying Games (RPG) Club Facebook  SC-0311
Shidokan Kendo & Iaido Club Facebook
Socialist Fightback Association Facebook P-305
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) Facebook  P-307
Thaqalayn Muslim Association Facebook P-202
The A.C.T. Club Facebook
Traditional Chinese Han Culture Facebook P-306