Active Clubs

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ACSioN concordia@acsion.org Facebook K-201
African Students Association of Concordia asacconcordia@gmail.com Facebook K-201
AIESEC Concordia concordia@aiesec.ca K-130
Amnesty International Concordia amnestyintern.concordia@gmail.com Facebook P-307
Artificial Intelligence Society Concordia aisc@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Best Buddies bestbuddiesconcordia@gmail.com Facebook
Chasse et Pêche chassesetpeche@gmail.com
Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) caq.concordia@gmail.com Facebook
Collabra-dabra-tory collabra.dabra.tory@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Animal Rights Association (CARA) caraconcordia@gmail.com Facebook P-303
Concordia Business Gateway Assoication cbga@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Concordia Canadian Asian Society clubccas@gmail.com Facebook K-210
Concordia Cheerleading cheerconcordia@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Christian Fellowship concordiacf@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Dance Club danceclub.csu@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Debate Society (CDS) president@concordiadebate.com Facebook
Concordia Diplomatic Affairs cda@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Concordia Dodgeball League cdlconcordia@gmail.com Facebook K-120
Concordia Dragon Boat Club concordiadbsport@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia E-Sports Student Association esports@concordia.ca Facebook K-220
Concordia Fashion Business Association concordia.fba@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Fintech Society fintech@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Concordia Foosball Club concordiafoosball@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Concordia French Society lafrenchsociety@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Game Development concordiagamedev@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Games Club conugamesclub@gmail.com Facebook SC-0311
Concordia Go Club concordiagoclub@gmail.com
Concordia Hip Hop Community concordiahiphopcommunity@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia International Students Association info@cisaconcordia.ca Facebook
Concordia JKA Shotokan Karate Students Association concordiakarate.sa@gmail.com
Concordia Management Consulting Club info@concordiamcc.com Facebook
Concordia Music Zone Out (CMZO) concordiamusiczoneout@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Outdoors Club concordiaoutdoorsclub@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Real Estate Club thecrec@outlook.com Facebook
Concordia Sikh Students Association concordiasikhs@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Ski & Snowboard Club cssc.contact@gmail.com Facebook P-103
Concordia Student Exchange Association csea.concordia@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Student Nightline cnightlineexternal@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Students for Parkinson’s concordia.parkinsons@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Concordia Surf Club concordiasurf@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia Syrian Students’ Association info.ssa.concordia@gmail.com Facebook P-206
Concordia University Catholic Student Association concordia.csa@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia University Pagan Society (CUPS) concordiapagans@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia University Tamil Mantram (CUTAM) info.cutam@gmail.com Facebook SC-033
Concordia University Tea Enthusiast Association (CUTEA) cutea@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Concordia University Tennis Club concordiatennisclub@gmail.com Facebook
Concordia University Young Greens gpc@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Concordi’ART concordiart@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Conservative Concordia conservativeconu@gmail.com Facebook
Cupcakes for a Cause cupcakesforacause@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Data Intelligence Society Concordia data@csu.qc.ca Facebook K-130
Délégation Concordia aux Jeux de la Communication jdlc.concordia@gmail.com Facebook
Don Milson School of Improv dmsoi@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Frontier College frontiercollege@csu.qc.ca K-110
Gaelic Athletic Association – Na hÓglaigh Ollscoile gaaconcordia@gmail.com Facebook
Global China Connection Concordia Chapter gccc@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Haitian Students at Concordia (HSAC) hsac1804@gmail.com Facebook K-202
Hillel Concordia hillelatconcordia@gmail.com P-205
Iraqi Student Association isa@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Israel on Campus iocconcordia@gmail.com Facebook P-205
Jack.org Concordia jackdotorgconcordia@gmail.com Facebook
Lebanese Student Association lsa.concordia@gmail.com Facebook P-304
Mauritian Students of Concordia mauritianclub@csu.qc.ca Facebook
MEDLIFE medlifeconcordiauniversity@gmail.com Facebook
MedSpecs Concordia medspecsconcordia@gmail.com Facebook SC-035
Mind Your Books mindyourbooksclub@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Moot Law Society mootlawsociety@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Muslim Student Association (MSA) admin@msaconcordia.com Facebook P-203, P-211.1 (library)
NDP Concordia Association ndpcconcordia@gmail.com Facebook
Otaku Anime of Concordia University otaku.concordia.anime@gmail.com Facebook P-106
Pakistani Students Association Concordia psaconcordia@csu.qc.ca Facebook
Power to Change p2c.concordia@gmail.com Facebook
Pre-Dental Student Society pdss@csu.qc.ca Facebook SC-035
Roleplaying Games (RPG) Club roleplayconcordia@gmail.com Facebook  SC-0311
Shidokan Kendo & Iaido Club concordiashidokan@gmail.com Facebook
Socialist Fightback Association socialistfightbackcm@gmail.com Facebook P-305
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) sphr.concordia@gmail.com Facebook  P-307
Thaqalayn Muslim Association tma.concordia@gmail.com Facebook P-202
The A.C.T. Club autodidacts.concordia.theatre@gmail.com Facebook
Traditional Chinese Han Culture hanxueshemtl@gmail.com Facebook P-306