Active Clubs


The easiest way to see all of the CSU Clubs in one place is by attending the CSU Clubs Fair, held at the start of the Fall and sometimes Winter semester(s). The Clubs Fair brings all of the CSU Clubs together for students to sign up for membership lists, speak to the student executives running each group, and learn more about what kind of activities they organize and how to get involved. Otherwise, if you have a specific interest or even a very general idea of what you’re looking for in a student group and would like some guidance on where to start looking, you can email the Clubs Administrators at

Clubs maintain their own membership lists. To become a member or a volunteer for a student group, the easiest way to sign up is contacting that group directly by email or attending a general meeting. Many groups also have sign-up lists available for students to add their names to during the Club’s Fair. Signing up for one of these lists will generally put you on the group’s email list, where you’ll be able to get more information about how they define their membership and how to become a member!

Any Undergraduate student is able to start a new CSU club. Click here to access the New Club Guide to find out more about how to start your very own club. You can also email the Clubs Administrators at for any questions you might have or guidance on how to get the process started.