Funding Directory

CSU Funding 💰

Below are the primary sources of funding administered by the CSU. Links will take you through to the various application forms, which contain more detailed information about the available funds, eligibility requirements, and application processes relevant to each fund.

Special Project Funding — Events and projects organized by students, associations, and non-CSU student groups.

Community Action Fund — Project, Strike, and Operational funding for organizations working on grassroots initiatives both inside and outside Concordia.

Food Systems Special Project Funding — To facilitate the growth of a student-run community food system on campus.

Committee Funding

Committees manage annual budgets for CSU activities which can also be accessed for project funding within certain limits. Each Committee has a specific mandate, and will only provide funding to initiatives within this mandate. Priority access to these funds is given to undergraduate Concordia students, however in certain cases funding can be awarded to graduate students, Concordia community organizations, or external projects and organizations, especially if Concordia undergrads are involved.

BIPOC Committee — Events, projects, and initiatives that are organized by and/or benefit Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour at Concordia and within the broader community.

External & Mobilization Committee — Events, projects, and initiatives that align with the CSU Positions Book.

Loyola Committee — Events, projects, and initiatives that cater to the Loyola campus community.

Sustainability Committee — Events, projects, and initiatives focused on sustainability as it relates to social, economic, and/or environmental justice.

Please note:

The CSU encourages all the organizations it partners with to offer a living wage. You can consult the updated amount for a living wage (salaire viable) on the website of the Institut de recherche et d’informations socioéconomiques (IRIS);

Expenses must conform to the CSU Position Book, and the CSU Ethics and Sustainability Policy. For any questions regarding this policy, please email

External Funding

See this page for a list of external funding sources.