Anti-Consumerism Week 2021

We’re back! March 8-12, 2021 

We are delighted to announce that the CSU’s Anti-Consumerism Week workshop series will be returning for a 100% VIRTUAL 2021 edition! Anti-Consumerism Week at Concordia is a week-long event series aimed at consuming less, empowering you to Do It Yourself (DIY) more, questioning the economic systems failing us, and inspiring our community to adopt a more self-sufficient lifestyle. We have lots of exciting workshops lined up that target a wide range of interests and aspects of sustainability, and we hope you can join us (from the comfort of your own home, of course) 

**All workshops are FREE and open to the public; no pre-registration required. Please consult the individual Facebook events for each workshop for full details!** 

For accessibility information/requests and general inquiries, please contact us by Friday, March 5th at 


Monday, March 8 

4-6 pm | Macrame and Beeswax 

Facilitator: Maddie Karcher 

Learn how to make macrame for hanging your house plants and make some beeswax wrap to keep your food fresh. 

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Tuesday, March 9 

2-4 pm | Vegan Bavarian Pretzel Workshop 

Facilitator: Mia Scharnowski 

Follow along and learn to bake a fresh batch of delicious pretzels in real time! Participants will leave the workshop with the basics of breadmaking and, hopefully, more baking confidence! 

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4-6 pm | Bake It Yourself 

Facilitator: Devon Ellis-Durity 

Let’s get that bread! In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to make a staple food and reflect on how our food choices can promote anti-consumerism and resilience. Involves gluten. 

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Wednesday, March 10 

12-2 pm | Art Therapy 

Facilitator: Marbella Carlos 

Make Art Not War! Art-based approaches to healing foster non-verbal modes of communication to express emotional difficulties and diverse life-world experiences in ways that spoken language cannot. 

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2:30-4:30 pm | Immune System 101 

Facilitator: Sally Lee 

Take care of yourself all year long! We will look at what the immune system is, in both scientific and holistic perspectives. The symptoms of under and overactive immune responses – what could happen, how can we strengthen/recover/take care of it. We will also be sharing some immune and autoimmune related issues and how to manage it with food and from TCM perspectives. 

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4-6 pm | DIY Sustainable Cleaning 

Facilitator: Pamela Fillion 

Make clean green! Participants will learn how to make a range of DIY sustainable and affordable alternatives for house cleaning while learning the basics of common ingredients and how to safely use them. 

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Thursday, March 11 

11 am-1 pm | Incense-Making 

Facilitator: Naughty Nettle Medicinals 

Burn your own incense! In this hands-on workshop facilitated by Naughty Nettle Medicinals, we will look at how to combine slow burning mushrooms with aromatic herbs to create our own blends of incense. 

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5-7 pm | Virtual Yoga 

Facilitator: Jenn Addison

Breathe, Flow, Meditate! Midterm season is never easy, so tune in for two hours to practice breathing exercises, meditations and a handful of poses to encourage relaxation and simultaneously reduce stress levels and relieve anxiety. 

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Friday, March 12 

1-3 pm | Refuse Your Rent Increase! 

Facilitator: CSU HOJO 

Refuse an increase, keep your rent! Did you get a notice of rent increase from your landlord this year? Do you feel awkward about refusing it? Why not come to our workshop and learn about your right to refuse the proposed rent increase *and* stay in your apartment! 

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2-4 pm | Feeding Yourself When You’re Poor & Mentally Ill 

Facilitator: Tali Ioselevich 

The goals of this workshop are to inspire you to explore and develop your ability to cook for yourself, despite having a lot on your plate. Some topics that will be covered include basic meal nutrition, how to build a meal out of what you have in your fridge, what you should always have on hand, and How To Dress Up Your Depression Meals. 

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4-6 pm | Intro to Fermentationcs 


Facilitator: Naughty Nettle Medicinals 

Fermented foods traditionally played a very large role in our diets and still do today. From boosting the immune system to reducing occurrences of depression, live probiotic fermented foods offer an array of health benefits for any age. 

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