Health and Dental Plan

As an undergraduate student registered for more than 3 credits and paying tuition fees at either the Canadian or Quebec rates, you are automatically covered by the CSU Health and Dental Plan. 

The Plan is a valuable service designed by the Concordia Student Union to fill the gaps left by provincial health care. The cost of the Plan for full-year coverage is $206 ($98 for Health, $108 for Dental) and is included in your tuition bill. If you are covered by another private insurance plan, you can opt out of this fee during the appropriate Change-of-Coverage Period. All enrolments must also be completed during the appropriate Change-of-Coverage Period.


Health: Prescriptions, chiropractors, physiotherapy, medical equipment, vaccinations, and more.
Dental: Cleanings, checkups, fillings, root canals, gum treatments, extractions, and more.
Vision: Eye exams, glasses or contact lenses, and laser eye surgery.
Travel: You are covered for up to 120 days per trip and up to a maximum of $5,000,000 per lifetime.
Tuition Insurance: In the event of a disability where you have to abandon your studies, the Plan will cover 100% of the cost of any non-refundable tuition fees, up to $10,000, and up to $1,000 for the cost of textbooks purchased for the current term.

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Empower Me

Empower Me is a mental health and wellness service that connects you with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches for a variety of issues. Access to this service is included with the CSU Health & Dental Plan.

What is Empower Me?

Empower Me connects students with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches. Plan members can access sessions delivered in person, by telephone, by video-counselling, or by e-counselling.

You can get support for issues of any kind, including relationships, family care, depression, anxiety, addictions, stress, work conflicts, and much more. Empower Me also offers a full suite of academic life services, such as life coaching, financial planning, and nutritional counselling.

●      Always available
●      Confidential
●      Multilingual
●      Culturally sensitive
●      Gender inclusive
●      Faith inclusive

Empower Me also offers a full suite of academic life services, such as life coaching, financial planning, nutritional counselling, and more.

How does it work?

During your initial conversation, a counsellor will determine the severity of your issue and plan a course of action with you. To do this effectively, you’ll be asked some basic questions, such as your contact and demographic information.

Empower Me is a short-term, solution-focused counselling service. While some individuals may only need 1 or 2 sessions, others might require more. Each issue is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and there is no maximum. The number of sessions is determined by you and your counsellor. Long-term or severe cases will be referred to alternative resources better suited to deal with these types of cases.

Empower Me offers support in multiple languages by phone. Simply ask the counsellor for support in your preferred language and they will momentarily place you on hold to connect your call and include a translator. The average wait time to connect is less than 1 minute.

How do I access Empower Me?

●      Call the 24/7 helpline at 1 (844) 741-6389 (toll-free) from anywhere in North America to be directly connected to a trained counsellor—the person answering the phone is not an operator, administrator, or receptionist.

●      Log in to the Empower Me website and use “Studentcare” as the password.

Connect Now

●      Download additional Empower Me student assistance tools on the iAspiria mobile app. Enter “Studentcare” as the Login ID and select “Student” in the drop-down menu.

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