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Gender Affirming Care
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The CSU offers the student health and dental plan to undergraduate students at Concordia enrolled in three or more credits within a given semester.  

Graduate students are advised to contact the GSA for more information on the GSA Health and Dental  Plan, as they oversee graduate student coverage.  



International students receive an international student Health Plan through Blue Cross. They are not automatically covered by the standard CSU Health and Dental Plan if they are paying international student fees.  

For more information on Blue Cross coverage, international students are advised to contact the International Students Office or visit their webpage.  The ISO is reachable through email at the following address: or by phone at the following number and extension:(514)-848-2424, ext. 3515. 

International students do not automatically receive dental coverage. They are, however, eligible to enroll in the CSU Dental Plan as well through Studentcare, during the current Change of Coverage and Opt-Out Period only. 



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