Recovery and Wellness Community Centre

This September we’re opening a peer-driven addictions recovery service on Concordia’s downtown campus!

The Recovery and Wellness Community Centre (RAWCC) will be run in a small, private space on campus 2-4 days a week, and guided by values of empowerment, autonomy, non-judgement, and intersectionality. Our service seeks to provide a supportive space for students in recovery to pursue wellness and build community. It will be created and sustained by participants, and as responsive to their needs as possible.

The RAWCC will provide various peer support discussion groups for people living with addictions, as well as community and skill-building workshops. Our program will also connect students to resources, host occasional social events, and encourage peer mentorship and leadership opportunities for students using the service.

We’ll spend this summer preparing the service, and look forward to collaborating with students and various partners throughout the year to create a vibrant space. If you have any questions feel free to contact contact the RAWCC Coordinator at This page will be updated shortly with the RAWCC open hours and phone number.

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