Library Services Fund


The Library Services Fund is a joint effort of the CSU and the Concordia Library. Students contribute $1 from every undergraduate credit to the fund to be used to improve the library’s function to students.


Some of the things the LSF funds include:

    • Course Reserves
    • 24/7 Access to the Library
    • Laptops and Tablets for Loan
  • Stapling Stations
  • Translation Software on Library Computers

And much more!

How it Works

The fund was created by an agreement between the CSU and the university. It is governed by the Library Services Fund Committee which is comprised of both students and library staff.

The committee meets a few times a year to manage the fund and its initiatives. The committee releases an annual report for each calendar year and can be found here:
Annual reports

Reach Out!

Student members of the committee are able to be reached at
Your representatives for the 2023/24 school year are:


Michael Lecchino

Arts & Science Councillor

Adam Mills

Arts & Science Councillor


Alexandra Cardona

External Coordinator

Maria Chitoroaga

Sustainability Coordinator

For more information and annual reports, please visit