Judicial Board

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The Judicial Board is the judiciary branch of the CSU. They are responsible for passing judgment on conflicts that occur in the interpretation of the CSU’s By-Laws and Standing Regulations. The Judicial Board has the final word on how to interpret our rules, and their decisions often have profound implications for the Union. To view the Judicial Board Code of Procedures, click here.

1. The Judicial Board of the Student Union shall, upon the written request of any member or member association, convene to;

A. interpret these by-laws and the validity of regulations and resolutions enacted by the Council.
B. declare invalid any act of any member who through his or her action derogates from these by-laws or from the constitution of any member association of the Student Union.
C. settle disputes on matters concerning the Student Union between its members, officials and/or constituted bodies.

2. It is the duty of the Judicial Board to act upon any violation to By-Laws and constitutions of member associations that come to light stemming from an ongoing investigation; even if such violations are not directly related to the original complaint.

The CSU Judicial Board can be contacted via email at judicialboard@csu.qc.ca.