Hive Café Solidarity Co-op

The Hive Café has a location on both of Concordia University’s campuses. The Hive Café’s mission is to provide healthy, affordable, and locally produced food options, while highlighting sustainable practices, employing dignified working conditions for suppliers and worker-members alike, nurturing a community-run space, and fostering an alternative food system to the one currently dominated by corporate institutional providers. The Hive Café aims to empower students by using a student-lead, non-profit, solidarity cooperative model where its members are the highest decision making body.

Become a member!

Getting your membership is easy and the benefits are endless!

  1. At either the downtown or Loyola location, let your barista know you want to become a member.
  2. Fill out a quick membership form. Memberships are refundable for up to 2 years since you last used the Hive Café.
  3. Membership is $10. With your membership card you get a 10% discount and a vote!

By being a member you have the ability to participate in the democratic functioning of the Co-op. This includes yearly annual general assemblies, special general assemblies as well as Board member elections.

The Hive Café Co-op appreciates all the support students from across both campuses have demonstrated; this has helped to transform this project from a simple dream into a concrete reality. Concordia University’s landscape will never be the same, as generations of students will now have a sustainable, student-run café they can rely on to provide, healthy and affordable food options.

The Hive Café Co-op is indebted to all the individuals who put in countless hours to make this project come to fruition. Its legacy will continue to act as an alternative space of resistance as well as an example of what empowered students can accomplish.

Offer feedback!

Have advice for your student co-op? Think we need to switch one of our suppliers to a more community-oriented alternative, or implement another change that would make a big difference? Become a member and let us know! Cooperatives are the result of the input and engagement of their membership, so without your constructive advice we won’t be as strong a community resource as we have the potential to become!

For more information, visit the Hive Café website.