• Ben’s Sustainability Education Scholarship

Benjamin Prunty was a leader for creating positive change for students and the Concordia Community. Ben truly believed that “Community Matters”, the name of the 2014-15 CSU executive slate, where Ben was the president. He was an advocate for student rights, he empowered students to tackle issues pertaining to and going beyond sustainability, always pushing for institutional change. Unafraid of envisioning a more egalitarian future, his idealism and faith in his fellow humans was matched by his pragmatism in getting ambitious projects off the ground, of which there were many. They challenged the status quo and created new possibilities, and although Ben’s leadership and individual talents for mobilizing were remarkable, his work would always be informed by, accountable to, uplifting for the greater communities he was a part of. Ben believed that together we could create better working and living conditions for our community. Ben’s Sustainability Education Scholarship will award 10 scholarships valued up to $300 to support students in educating themselves on sustainability-related issues.

CSU Positions

  • Benjamin Prunty Councillor 2012-2013
  • Benjamin Prunty Vice-President Sustainability 2013-2014
  • Benjamin Prunty President 2014-2015


How to Apply

In addition to completing the scholarship application form, the applicant must include:

  • One (1) page letter written by the applicant explaining why they want to take the class, and how they intend to use that knowledge
  • Proof of enrollment of the class
  • All required documentation must be submitted in order for your application to be eligible.

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Application Deadline

March 31st 2022