Downtown Office

1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd West, H-711
Montréal, QC  H3G 1M8
(514) 848-7474 ext. 8914

Summer hours:
Monday–Thursday, 10am–6pm
Friday, 10am–1pm

Loyola Office

7141 Sherbrooke Street West, CC-426
Montréal, QC  H4B 1R6
(514) 848-7474 ext. 5809

Closed for the summer

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Name Email Office Location Extension
Advocacy Centre H-222 7313
Housing and Job Bank H-224 7935
Legal Information Clinic H-729 7375
Daycare & Nursery 1424 Bishop St.  (514) 543-1213


Name Position Extension
Camille Thompson-Marchand External Affairs and Mobilization Coordinator 8906
Mikaela Clark-Gardner Academic and Advocacy Coordinator 8903
Akira de Carlos Sustainability Coordinator 8902
Michele Sandiford Student Life Coordinator 8905
Alexis G. Searcy Loyola Coordinator 8912
Sophie Hough-Martin General Coordinator 8899
John Hutton Finance Coordinator 8901
Princess Somefun Internal Affairs Coordinator 8900


Name Position Extension
Alejandra C. & Sarah A. B. LIC Assistants 7375
Caitlin Robinson Council Chair
Camil Gagnon-Duguay IT Director 8909
Davis Hepnar Communications Coordinator 7892
Irmak Bahar Campaigns Coordinator 8904
Leanne Ashworth HOJO Coordinator 4479
Mairi Watson Lead Graphic Designer 7868
Manal A. & Maria S. Advocacy Administrative Assistants 7313
Mihaela Eftene Graphic Designer 5810
Nicole Leblanc Campaigns Researcher 8904
Noah Burnett Rooney Clubs Director 7802
Robert Henri General Manager 8917
Sophie Stone Interim Advocacy Coordinator 8911
Viken Himidian Accountant & Payroll and Benefits Administrator 8907
Walter Tom LIC Coordinator 5491
Yu Hui Yu Administrative Coordinator 8908