• Mission

The CSU Campaigns department works explicitly to address issues pertaining to social, environmental, and economic justice. Our mandate is to:

  • Provide support to groups working on campaigns in line with the CSU Positions Book;
  • Coordinate and implement the CSU’s annual campaign and, as needed, other campaigns;
  • Implement the CSU Positions Book by informing and mobilizing the student body about the CSU’s positions on an ongoing basis

Some of the campaigns we have worked on and supported in the recent past include addressing campus sexual violence, divestment from the fossil fuel industry, stopping international student tuition hikes, hosting an anti-consumerism week, anti-austerity organizing in Quebec, and more.

If you are working on a campaign or project that is aligned with the CSU Positions Book, we may be able to help you with promotion, fundraising, and/or campaign planning and support. Simply contact us with a description of your project and what type of support you are requesting and we will do our best to respond swiftly.

Email: campaigns@csu.qc.ca
Phone: (514) 848-7474 ext. 8904

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