Club Registration

All Club registrations are cleared at the end of May each year. Student groups must re-register after June 1st for the coming academic year if they wish to retain active Club status and book spaces on campus. New groups must also complete this process once they have been approved by the CSU Clubs & Space Committee. Please keep in mind that Club executives must be currently registered undergraduate students and that a minimum of three (3) executives are needed in order to run a Club.

To update your Club’s registration information:

  1. Compile a list of your Club’s executives. For every executive, provide the following information and verify that it is accurate to avoid unnecessary delays: Full name, executive position, student ID number (8 digits), email address, and phone number.
  2. From among your executives, indicate who will be the Club’s Booking Officer, Primary Signing Officer, and Secondary Signing Officer. It is possible for one executive to be both the Booking Officer and one of the two Signing Officers.
  3. Login to your club’s portal account and click “DOS Registration” on the top right to get started. If you are unsure about which email is associated with your club’s portal account, send an email to
  4. After we verify the submitted registration, your club will need to have your Booking and Signing Officers digitally sign the registration form uploaded onto the portal.
  5. When the registration form has been signed, it will be sent to the Dean of Student’s Office to be processed. Your Club will appear on this list under the “CSU” heading when the registration process is complete. At this point, the university acknowledges your Club as active, and you’ll be able to book space through Hospitality Concordia.