Club Registration

All CSU clubs must register through the CSU website and provide the names, student ID numbers, and contact information for the club’s executives if they wish to retain club status for the upcoming year. Please keep in mind that all club executives must be currently registered undergraduate students, and that you need at least three (3) executives in order to run a club.

At the end of May each year, all club registrations are cleared, and all clubs must re-register after June 1st for the coming school year.

To update your club’s registration information:

  1. Click “Login” at the bottom of the CSU website (csu.qc.ca) and log in with your club’s username and password.**
  2. Mouse over “Clubs” at the top, and click on “Edit your registration” or “Register your club”.
  3. Update the names, student ID numbers, and contact information for the current club executives, and update the booking and signing officers. Ensure all emails are correct, as we will be using them to contact you. Verify that latest version of your constitution is uploaded. Ensure your club’s logo and description are up to date. Most clubs set their mailing address as H-711, the location of the CSU office on the downtown campus.
    NOTE: There should be one of each of “Booking Officer,” “Primary Signing Officer,” and “Secondary Signing Officer”. It is possible for one executive to be both a booking officer and a signing officer.
  4. Once your club’s information is updated and verified, you may submit the club registration form.
  5. After we approve the submitted registration, your club’s booking and signing officers will receive an email requesting that they come to the CSU office (H-711) to sign the registration form.
  6. When the registration form has been signed, it will be sent to the Dean of Student’s Office to be processed. Your club will appear on concordia.ca/students/clubs/list.html when the registration process is complete.

** Your club’s previous executives should know the club’s login information. If you need to reset your club’s password, send an email to clubsdirector@csu.qc.ca.