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African Students Association of Concordia

Founded in the late 1980’s, The African Students’ Association of Concordia is a society representative of the African diaspora within Concordia University.

Our association aspires to be a haven for international african students, as well as, all who are of african descent. We value inclusivity and welcome all students regardless of race, creed, or colour. The versatility of our organization enables us to promote African culture through variety of academically driven and socially focused events.

Through a range of cultural shows, conferences, and evening socials, we encompass the diverse aspects of our rich background. The high regards we hold for our shared roots and respect for Africa is the bond we all share. We aim to uplift and embolden students to be part of an eclectic community that shares this common thread.

Our goal is to exemplify our core values of scholarship, empowerment, and unity.

Room number: K-201

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