SIGN THE PETITION BELOW TO OPPOSE TUITION HIKES! This matters to you and all future students! It is essential that we defeat the proposed tuition increases to keep education affordable and accessible, and maintain the vibrant culture of Concordia University and Montreal.

The petition requires 30 000 signatures to have the proposal debated in the legislative assembly. This proposal needs to be debated and defeated. It is extremely important that students and community members sign this petition.

  • On Friday October 13th, the CAQ government announced a proposal that would increase tuition for Canadian out-of-province students studying in Quebec from $9000 to $17 000
  • International students at English universities would also see fees increased
  • This proposal is slated to go into effect September 2024!
  • It would make education unaffordable to many and drastically alter the composition of Concordia’s student body and that of all anglophone universities in the province.
  • SIGN the petition
  • FOLLOW your student unions and faculty associations to receive updates regarding the situation
  • PARTICIPATE in actions such as protests, strikes, and walkout to voice your opposition
  • JOIN the protest opposing these hikes on Thursday November 30th at 12pm on the corner of De Maisonneuve & McKay
  • GET INVOLVED! Email to get involved in student mobilization

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As we marched among our Montreal community for Pride this past weekend and celebrated queer joy, we want to take the time to acknowledge and once again reaffirm the importance of fighting for the LGBTQIA2+ community. At the CSU, it is our mandate to always do our best to support and uplift marginalized communities. But we need to acknowledge that, too often, we have let you down. We have allowed for a hostile and unsafe environment to be created and have not done enough for the LGBTQIA2+ students that needed our support. Particularly in regards to transphobia, we have allowed harm to be inflicted upon trans and non-binary students.