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The Concordia Student Union (CSU) represents and serves Concordia undergraduate students.
It shares this responsibility with the faculty associations, which represent students according to Concordia’s four faculties:

– Fine Arts Students Alliance (FASA)
– Arts & Science Federation of Associations (ASFA)
– Commerce and Administration Students’ Association (CASA)
– Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA)

The Faculty Associations are not formally affiliated with the CSU, but are its equals and partners in representing and serving Concordia’s undergraduate students.

Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)

FASA Downtown Office
Address: VA 211 Phone: 5057
Email: fasa@concordia.ca Website: http://www.fasaconcordia.com
Academy of Art Video Art (AAVA)
Mailing Address: VA 211
Email: aava.concordia@gmail.com Website: http://www.imcadepot.com/academy-of-art-video-art.html
Art Matters Festival
Address: VA037 Phone: 5011
Email: info@artmattersfestival.org Website: http://artmattersfestival.org
Cinema Student Association
Address: FB-414
Mailing Address: 1250 Guy Street, FB-319
Phone: 514-848-2424 ext. 4678
Email: csaconcordia2013@gmail.com Website: http://csaconcordia.com
Computation Arts & Creative Technologies Students (CACTUS)
Mailing Address: VA 211
Email: cartalliance@gmail.com Website: http://www.facebook.com/ComputationArts
Animate Concordia
Mailing Address: 1250 Guy St., FB-319
Email: fman.club@gmail.com Website: http://blog.animateconcordia.ca
Concordia Association of Students in Theatre (CAST)
Address: GM 510
Email: writetocast@gmail.com Website: http://cast.concordia.ca
Concordia Ceramics Student Association
Mailing Address: VA 211
Concordia Electroacoustic Studies Students Association 
Mailing Address: GM – 500
Email: cessa.concordia@gmail.com Website: http://cessa.music.concordia.ca
Concordia Photography Collective
Mailing Address: VA 211
Email: concordiaphotography@gmail.com
Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History
Mailing Address: VA 211
Email: thecujah@gmail.com Website: http://www.cujah.org
Dance Student Association
Mailing Address: GM – 500
Email: dsa.conu@gmail.com Website: http://dance.concordia.ca/en/current-students/dance-student-association/
Fibres Student Association
Mailing Address: VA 211
Email: fsa.concordia@gmail.com Website: http://fibres.weebly.com
Galerie VAV Gallery
Address: VA – 037 Phone: 7956
Email: vavgallery@concordia.ca Website: http://vavgallery.concordia.ca
Gallery X
Address: V – 229
Email: galleryxmtl@gmail.com Website: http://gallery-x.com/
IMCA Student Collective
Mailing Address: VA 211
Email: imca.student.collective@gmail.com
Interfold Magazine
Mailing Address: VA – 025
Email: info@interfoldmagazine.com Website: http://interfoldmagazine.com
Sidetracks Silkscreen Team
Mailing Address: VA 211
Email: sidetracks.team@gmail.com Website: http://steemilieskillshare.org/
Student Printmaking Association (SPA Concordia)
Mailing Address: VA 211
Email: pointulrickpointcoma@gmail.com Website: http://spaconcordianews.blogspot.ca/

Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA)

ASFA Downtown Office
Address: 2070 Mackay
Mailing Address: EN-400
Phone: 7966
Fax: 514-848-4730
Email: officemanager@asfa.ca Website: http://www.asfa.ca
Applied Human Sciences Student Association (AHSC)
Address: VE-325.01. Phone: 514-848-2424 ex. 3140
Email: ahscsa@gmail.com
Association of Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Students (ABACUS)
Mailing Address: EN – 400
Email: abacus.asfa@gmail.com
Biology Student Association (BSA)
Address: SP 375.21
Email: bsa.concordia@gmail.com Website: http://bsaconcordia.ca
COMS Guild
Address: CJ 1.117
Email: cg@concordia.ca
Concordia Association for Students in English (C.A.S.E.)
Address: LB – 656
Email: case.president@asfa.ca Website: http://caseconcordia.ca
Concordia Classics Students Association (CCSA)
Mailing Address: EN – 400
Email: ccsa@asfa.ca Website: http://ccsaonline.wordpress.com/
Concordia Early Childhood and Elementary Education Association (CECEEA)
Mailing Address: EN – 400
Email: concordia.ecee@gmail.com Website:http://https://www.facebook.com/groups/ceceea/
Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Student Association (CUPA)
Address: PY-321 Phone: 2252
Email: cupa.president@asfa.ca Website: http://www.cupaconcordia.wordpress.com
Economics Student Society (ESS)
Address: H1138
Email: concordia.ess@gmail.com Website:http://https://www.facebook.com/groups/essconcordia/
Exercise Science Student Association (ESSA)
Address: SP 175.13 Phone: 514-848-2424
Email: president.essaconcordia@gmail.com Website: http://asfa.ca
Geography Undergraduate Student Society (GUSS)
Address: EN-400 Phone: 514-848-2382
Email: guss@asfa.ca
Journalism Students Association (JSA)
Address: CJ-2.330
Mailing Address: EN – 400
Email: jsa.social@asfa.ca
Liberal Arts Society (LAS)
Mailing Address: EN – 400
Email: liberalartsconcordia@gmail.com Website: http://liberalartssociety.com
Linguistic Student Association (LSA)
Mailing Address: EN – 400
Email: Website: http://linguistics.concordia.ca/lsa/
Loyola College Student Association (LCSA)
Mailing Address: EN-400
Email: lcsa.concordia@gmail.com
Mathematics And Statistics Student Association (MASA)
Address: TD Annex, 1410 Guy Phone: 514-848-2381
Email: massa.concordia@gmail.com Website: http://www.massaconcordia.com
Political Science Students Association (PSSA)
Address: H-1208.00 Phone: 5743
Email: executive.pssa@asfa.ca Website: www.pssaconcordia.org/ 
School of Community and Public Affairs Students’ Association (SCPASA)
Mailing Address: EN-400
Email: scpasa.aeeapc@gmail.com
Science College Student Association (SCSA)
Mailing Address: EN-400
Email: scsaconcordia@gmail.com
Sociology & Anthropology Student Union (SASU)
Address: H-1108.02 Phone: 4431
Email: sasu.concordia@asfa.ca Website:http://socianth.concordia.ca/undergraduate/associations/
Students of History at Concordia (SHAC)
Mailing Address: EN-400
Email: shac@asfa.ca Website: http://shaconline.wordpress.com/
Theological Studies Undergraduate Student Association (TSUSA)
Address: 2140 Bishop, Rm. D-01
Urban Planning Association
Mailing Address: EN – 400
Email: upaconcordia@gmail.com Website: http://facebook.com/upaconcordiauniversity
Womens Studies Student Association
Address: MU303-4
Email: wssa.concordia@gmail.com Website: http://https://www.facebook.com/groups/WSSAConcordia/

Commerce and Administration Student Association (CASA)

CASA Downtown Office
Address: MB 4.105
Mailing Address: 1450 Guy St., MB 4-105
Phone: 514-848-2424 ext 7464
Fax: 514-848-7436
Email: info@casajmsb.ca Website: http://www.casajmsb.ca
CASA Cares
Mailing Address: MB 4.105
Email: info@casacares.com Website: http://www.casacares.com
Concordia’s Entrepreneurship and Management Association (CEMA)
Address: MB4.437 Phone: 514-848-2424
Email: jmarin@enactusconcordia.com Website: http://www.enactusconcordia.com
Decision Sciences Student Association
Mailing Address: MB 4.105
Email: info@dssajmsb.ca Website: http://www.dssajmsb.ca
Finance and Investment Students’ Association
Address: MB 4.433 Phone: 7437
Email: contact@fisaonline.ca Website: http://www.fisaonline.ca
John Molson Academic Committee (JMAC)
Address: MB S1.447 Phone: 514-848-2424 ext 2800
Email: contact@jmacjmsb.ca Website: http://jmacjmsb.ca
John Molson Accounting Society
Address: MB 4.118 Phone: 2855
Email: info@jmas.ca Website: http://www.jmas.ca
John Molson Competition Committee
Address: MB 4.445 Phone: 7383
Email: info@jmcconline.ca Website: http://jmcconline.ca
John Molson Human Resources Association
Address: MB 4.445 Phone: 5685
Email: Website: http://www.jmhra.com
John Molson International Business Association
Address: MB 4.440
Email: info@jmiba.com Website: http://www.jmiba.ca
John Molson Marketing Association
Address: MB 4.435 Phone: 7464
Fax: 514-848-7436
Email: hello@jmma.ca Website: http://www.jmma.ca
John Molson Sports Marketing
Address: 1450 rue Guy, MB-4.435 Phone: 514-848-2424
Fax: 514-848-7436
Email: info@jmsm.ca Website: http://www.jmsm.ca
John Molson Sustainable Business Group (JSG)
Address: MB4.437 Phone: 514-848-2424
Fax: 514-848-7436
Email: jsg@jsg-jmsb.ca Website: http://jsg-jmsb.ca
John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition
Address: MB 4.433, 1450 Guy Street Phone: 5660
Fax: 514-848-7436
Email: info@jmucc.ca Website: http://www.jmucc.ca

Engineering and Computer Science Student Association (ECA)

ECA Downtown Office
Address: H-838 Phone: 7408
Email: eca@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://ecaconcordia.ca/
ASHRAE Concordia
Mailing Address: H – 838 Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 7446
Email: ashrae@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://ashrae.ecaconcordia.ca/
Canadian Aeronautics & Space Institute (CASI)
Mailing Address: H – 838
Email: casi@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://casi.ecaconcordia.ca
Concordia SAE
Address: B-02
Mailing Address: H-838
Phone: 7530
Email: president@concordiasae.ca Website: http://www.concordiasae.ca
Concordia Society of Civil Engineering
Address: B-203
Mailing Address: H-838
Phone: 7446
Email: csce@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://csce.ecaconcordia.ca
CUBES Concordia University Building Engineering Society
Address: 2160 rue Bishop, B – 203 Phone: 514 848 2424 x7446
Email: cubes.president@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://cubes.ecaconcordia.ca
Engineering and Computer Science Association
Address: 1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest, Suite H-838 Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8 Phone: 514-848-2424
Email: eca@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://www.ecaconcordia.ca
Address: 2160 Rue Bishop, Suite B-306 Montreal, Quebec Phone: 7912
Email: iie@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://iie.ecaconcordia.ca
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Concordia (IEEE)
Address: B-204
Mailing Address: H-838
Phone: 5446
Email: ieee@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://ieee.concordia.ca
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Mailing Address: H – 838 Phone: 514-848-2424
Email: nsbe.president@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://nsbe.ecaconcordia.ca/
Quebec Engineering Games – Concordia
Mailing Address: H – 838
Email: enggames@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://enggames.ecaconcordia.ca
Software Engineering and Computer Science Society
Mailing Address: H-838
Email: scs@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://scs.ecaconcordia.ca
Space Concordia
Address: H-1029-7 Phone: 2738
Email: info@spaceconcordia.ca Website: http://www.spaceconcordia.ca
Women In Engineering
Address: B-308 Phone: 514-848-2424 ext 7958
Email: wie.president@ecaconcordia.ca Website: http://wie.ecaconcordia.ca

Other Student Groups

GSA Downtown Office
Address: T – 202, 2030 rue Mackay Phone: 7900
Email: info@gsaconcordia.ca Website: http://gsaconcordia.ca/
Aboriginal Art Research Group
Email: aboriginalartconcordia@gmail.com Website: http://aarg.concordia.ca
Concordia International Student Association (CISA)
Address: K – 203, 2150 Rue Bishop Phone: 3989
Email: cisapresidents@gmail.com Website: http://www.cisa-concordia.com
The Void Magazine
Phone: 514-817-6725
Email: thevoidmagazine@gmail.com Website: https://www.facebook.com/thevoidmtl/