Hive Loyola Free Lunch

The CSU recognizes that students at Loyola have few food options

The Hive Free Lunch is a free vegan lunch offered every weekday during the school year at the Loyola campus (SC 200) between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM.

The Free Lunch is located next to the Hive Cafe on the second floor of the SC Building, and aims to provide quality, nutritious food while considering the social and environmental impact of the food we consume. The Hive Cafe Co-op is able to provide this program through funding from the CSU and the hard work of volunteers and the program’s coordinators.

The day typically begins around 9:00 AM and continues until at 3:30 PM, where the team preps, cooks and cleans. Everyone works together to ensure the meal is delicious, healthy and served on time. The program’s dedicated volunteers help with everything—from prepping, to cooking, to serving, to cleaning up.
The Hive Free Lunch is a unique program which aims to foster a sense of community around food. They promote an anti-oppressive environment, creating a safer space to share and learn cooking skills, together.


Volunteering is essential!

They depend on their volunteers’ helping hands keep the program running. Even if you’re on a tight schedule, feel free to pop into the kitchen whenever you have time between 9:30am and 2:30pm. Just fifteen minutes of doing dishes, sweeping, drying dishes, or peeling carrots goes a long way to ease the workload on the rest of the team!


Looking for kitchen experience?

Do you just love this program and want to help out? The Hive Free Lunch encourages weekly volunteer time blocks, so please contact them for more details! Volunteers who are able to commit to doing specific one, two, or three-hour time blocks helps the Free Lunch run smoother, allows the coordinators more freedom, and lets them know if they need extra help in the kitchen on certain days.

Volunteers who commit to a two or three hour time block once a week are eligible to put this on their Co-Curricular Record through the Concordia Dean of Students Office.

Don’t forget, volunteers develop kitchen skills, skip the lunch line, get free coffee and endless gratitude, and make friends! They need everyone’s help to keep the Free Lunch running!

If you have any questions about volunteering or are interested in volunteering and/or signing up for a weekly volunteering time block, e-mail the Hive Free Lunch Coordinator at


Like a lot of other social food programs, the Hive Free Lunch Program has also been greatly impacted by the pandemic. In having to close their doors on March 16th, the team has put their heads together to develop a COVID-safe meal program which will continue to serve the Concordia community. Starting in the Fall, the HFLP will be offering a free Meals on Wheels service, where students can sign up for a warm meal basket, containing premade vegan food. The Hive Free Lunch is committed to supporting the students, especially those who may be facing challenges, like food insecurity. More details of this program can be found on our website: or through emailing our coordinators at the email provided above.

To request a meal on wheels from the Hive Free Lunch, fill out this form.