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Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy – Concordia Chapter

CSSDP Concordia is a chapter of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy. CSSDP is a grassroots network of youth/students who are concerned about the negative impact our drug policies have on individuals and communities. CSSDP considers problematic drug use in society a health issue rather than a criminal justice issue, and advocates for appropriate responses to reduce and prevent harm from...

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Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ)

Are you a student at Concordia who is interested in Quebec politics? Join us and share your thoughts, get your voice heard, and further our province's political dialogue. Meet like-minded students at Concordia as well as politically-engaged youth across the province through our party's youth wing! Email: FIND US ON: Facebook: @releve.coalition Instagram: commission_releve...

Concordia Asian Student

Concordia Canadian Asian Society

We're a cultural club at Concordia University dedicated to creating a warm social environment for the flourishing Asian student population and those interested in Asian culture. This is achieved by the organization of events throughout the academic year, which enables rich social interaction and cultural exchange. For any inquiries, you can email us at and you can find us on...

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InterVarsity at Concordia (formerly Concordia Christian Fellowship)

InterVarsity at Concordia is a community passionate about Jesus, and seeks to encourage and build up university students in faith, leadership, and love by creating a safe space for all students to explore the christian faith. email: ; fb: ; ig: ; website:

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Concordia Debate Society (CDS)

The Concordia Debate Society (CDS) is a social club which allows students to improve their argumentative and public speaking skills in a structured environment. Members have the opportunity to attend local, provincial, and national debate tournaments. Competitive debate enables members to gain important skills such as critical and analytical thinking thinking, note taking, research, and the ability to form balanced,...

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Concordia Diplomatic Affairs

Since 2018, Concordia Diplomatic Affairs has been your student committee for International Relations and Diplomacy. The CDA’s mandate is to promote awareness of diplomatic, international, political, social, economic and environmental affairs, as well as provide a professional and social network for students interested in international affairs and diplomacy. The Club also provides opportunities for Concordia students to participate in regional,...

Concordia Dodgeball League

Concordia Dodgeball League is a student-friendly sport which promotes active living and friendly interactions. Be ready to feel the adrenaline rush through your body as you try to fiercely eliminate your opposing teams and win the tournament! You can always contact us via email (, Facebook (CDL Concordia Dodgeball League) or meet with our executives during live dodgeball. We hope to see...

Concordia outdoors

Concordia Outdoors Club

Run by students for students, the Concordia Outdoors club is for those seeking adventure and an active university lifestyle. We organize trips like hiking, rock climbing, competitive sailing, camping, and more, with the primary goal of allowing students to lead active outdoor lives. All of our activities are open to both Concordia students and non-Corcordia students....