Author: Mukul Sharma

Roller Skating Club

The Roller Skating Club aims to train members on developing their skills. To increase the chance of getting inspired. To accommodate needs in the learning curve. To build members' self-esteem and self-trust. To provide members with tips and tricks. To introduce members to new moves and techniques. To initiate an experience like no other. To pay it forward. To invite...

MedLife Concordia Logo

MEDLIFE Concordia

MEDLIFE Concordia aims to pursue the goals of MEDLIFE, a global nonprofit organization, to promote the health and well-being of low-income communities everywhere. One of our main mandates is to give back to the community. Therefore we listen, collaborate, fundraise and hold volunteer initiatives to aid the less fortunate in Montreal and/or raise awareness for surrounding underprivileged communities. Our second...

Brazilian Concordia Organization

Brazilian Student Association (BRASA) Concordia

BRASA is a nonprofit organization that is part of a network of Brazilian students living outside their home country in search of new dreams and challenges. We have the mission of promoting and empowering the Brazilian culture and the student community within our University. email: Facebook: Instagram: @brasa_concordia ...

School of Music Montreal

School of Music Montreal (SoMM)

School of Music Montreal (SoMM)’s mission is to promote music education equality to underserved youth. Our programs provide a supportive environment and facilitate personal growth through musical avenues. We give back to our community through our love for music. No music knowledge is required to become a member. If that sounds like you, we want to hear from you! For more information,...

Concordrdia Film association

Concordia Film Society

The Concordia Film Society is an experiential learning platform that is dedicated to helping students learn the art of filmmaking, all while building friendships and developing leadership potential. This project-based club gives students the chance to practice various roles in amateur filmmaking, such as directing, screenwriting, cinematography, and editing. Besides offering opportunities for hands-on experience, the CFS also hosts film-related...

Concordia Student Union honeycomb logo

InterVarsity at Concordia (formerly Concordia Christian Fellowship)

InterVarsity at Concordia is a community passionate about Jesus, and seeks to encourage and build up university students in faith, leadership, and love by creating a safe space for all students to explore the christian faith. email: ; fb: ; ig: ; website:


Aquatic Fleet Society

Aquatic Fleet Society is a CSU club that integrates students from all fields of study. The focus of the club revolves around the marine world, including marine engineering, biodiversity, and sustainability. Activities range from research, design, and construction for student projects to organizing events and learning opportunities for the entire Concordia student population. Projects include submarines, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs),...

Concordia Student Union honeycomb logo

Artificial Intelligence Concordia

Artificial Intelligence Concordia is dedicated to identifying and cultivating the core skills and competencies needed in applied AI while prioritizing accessibility, inclusivity and demographic diversity. Artificial Intelligence Concordia's experiential learning AI programs (ConcordAI) can help supercharge your ability to make an impact in the world with AI  Students, professionals, and motivated individuals can apply to join a rigorous program that allows them...