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Concordia Tennis Team

Official Tennis Team of Concordia University in Montreal! We are proudly competing in the Tennis Quebec University League, and supported by CSU. Players must be full-time students and have tennis experience😉🎾 Email: Instagram: Facebook: Website:

Game development

Concordia Game Development

Concordia Game Development (CGD) is a club where you and other hobbyists, students and professionals can connect and share ideas and resources about game development. We host game jams and workshops given by industry professionals and students, have our own online magazine, monthly game challenges, and more! Email: Discord: Facebook: Website:

Concordia games association

Concordia Games Club

Welcome to the Concordia Games Club! Dedicated to playing all sorts of hobby board games: strategy games, party games, cooperative games, even pub trivia nights and escape rooms. We also currently run and manage Concordia's RPG Club. You can expect lots of fun, laughs, and friendly competition. Everyone is welcome to become a member, so invite your friends and come...

Syrian Student

Concordia Syrian Students’ Association

The Syrian Student Association, established by a group of Syrian Students, is a non-profit organization based at Concordia University. We are dedicated to improving Syrian students’ academic experience, as well as educate and raise awareness about Syrian history and culture. We build an intertwining community of Syrian, Canadian and other cultures, creating a fun and enriching experience at Concordia....


Concordia University Turkish Student Association

TurkSA is a student-run organization that aims to build a Turkish Community and convey the Turkish culture and cuisine in the best way. While representing Turkish culture, members should also help each other both academically and socially. With the help of members and with the mandatory support of the Executive Committee, events shall be organized in order to raise money...

Concordia yoga club logo, White background with a multicolored lotus in the front

Concordia Yoga Club

The Concordia Yoga Club aims to provide an accessible and supportive environment for students to learn, practice, and share their appreciation and knowledge of yoga by means of yoga classes and yoga-related activities. ___________________________ Contact Us: Email: Facebook: Instagram: concordiayogaclub...

Concordia Student Union honeycomb logo


Concordi'ART is a career guidance club that bridges the gap between business and art at Concordia University. This student run association aims to encourage awareness of the broad art industry for the Concordia community. It promotes artistic vision in corporate culture and entrepreneurial spirit in the arts community. Each year, we organize networking events, conferences, art workshops and outings. Contact us! Email:...

Concordia Student Union honeycomb logo

Filipino Organization of Concordia University Students

Mabuhay! The Filipino Organization of Concordia University Students (abbreviated as FOCUS) serves as a safe space where all Filipinx and Filipinx-at-heart students living in the diaspora to network and CONNECT with each other, a platform to CELEBRATE and promote the Filipino identity, culture and heritage at Concordia and an opportunity to CHALLENGE issues that are relevant to the youth in...

Concordia Student Union honeycomb logo

Frontier College

Frontier College is a national, non-profit literacy organization. We believe literacy is a right, and we work inclusively with volunteers and community partners to help children, youth and adults build the skills and confidence they need to accomplish their goals. Our network of staff and volunteers provides excellent and effective programming to improve literacy in communities across Canada, from coast...