Concordia Student Union

Statement Regarding Potential Spring 2019 Tuition Hikes

During Concordia’s Arts & Science faculty meeting on March 29th, a university administrator hinted that international tuition fees would be discussed at the Board of Governors meeting on May 22nd. We feel that this information must be shared publicly with the Concordia student body, and the University must actively engage in conversation with students about the issue of tuition. Tuition is an institutional cost that affects students exclusively—it is unacceptable that discussions regarding tuition might be held without significant student input.

As a result of deregulation, the CSU estimates that Concordia will see its annual revenue increase by a minimum of $1.9 million, to be paid directly by international students. Rather than using this new income to provide services for international students, or better yet, to lower their tuition, it appears the university plans to further increase fees. This is unjustifiable. The CSU stands firmly against tuition hikes and the arbitrary way they are implemented.

Students deserve consultation and transparency from Concordia. The administration should have the courage to explain why, instead of pressuring the Quebec government to provide more educational funding, they instead choose to treat international students like cash cows. The administration should also explain why they continue to spend outrageous amounts on administrator salaries and exorbitant severance packages. Despite the fact that students provide almost a quarter of the university’s budget, we are prevented from taking part in the decision making process about how the university is run.

We encourage everyone to learn more about our campaign and sign the petition against Concordia’s tuition hikes. You can also collect signatures yourself by doing class announcements; documents are available at CSU Reception in H-711.

Finally, we implore you to show up at the Board of Governors meetings on April 17th (for the $2 Million Dance Party protest!) and May 22nd to voice your support for accessible education and opposition to tuition hikes.

CSU Executive Team 2018-2019