Concordia Student Union

Outgoing 2018-19 Executive Statement

To the CSU’s membership:

As our mandate comes to an end, we want to thank you for trusting us with your union.

It has been a year of both success and struggle, but through it all we’ve fought for student voices to be heard at Concordia. We campaigned for increased accountability from the university in its treatment of sexual violence survivors. We mobilized against international student tuition hikes and worked toward taking over the international health insurance plan. We launched a comprehensive Annual Undergraduate Survey to better understand the lived experiences of the students we represent. We also proudly opened the CSU Daycare & Nursery, created a new peer support addictions recovery service, and implemented a budget revision process that made the CSU’s finances more transparent than ever.

Students—the heart and soul of the CSU—have directed our work and held us accountable since June. The progress we made this year would not have been possible without you and the many dedicated staff members that keep the CSU and all its services running. We’ve now spent the past month training the incoming Executive team and working to ensure the CSU’s core values and positions are upheld over the coming year. Throughout this training process, we’ve endeavoured to make clear just how important the CSU’s advocacy for and representation of students is. It has been an honour to be entrusted with such important work.

Of course, there’s always more to be done to make Concordia and the CSU better and more accessible for everyone. We hope you’ll find a way to get involved in that mission.

Yours in solidarity,
The 2018-2019 CSU Executive Team