Travel Coverage 

Group/Policy Number | 97180 
Certificate Number | 8-digit student ID 
Coverage Period | September 1st to August 31st   
Insured by | Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada 

If you are planning a trip or going on exchange outside of your home province or outside of Canada, you can make use of your Travel Plan to receive coverage while away. The travel Plan is part of your CSU Health and Dental Plan benefits.   

Your travel coverage includes:   

  • $5,000,000 in travel health coverage for 120 days per trip, with the possibility of extension in the case of student exchanges and internships* 
  • $7,500 for trip interruption and $3,000 for trip cancellation in the event of a medical emergency or an eligible trip advisory issued by the Government of Canada. 

*If you are going on an academic exchange or an internship, you will receive Travel health coverage for its duration. Additionally, the first 120 days of the trip prior to the start of your exchange or internship will also be covered, as well as the 120 days after its end. 


Here’s what we suggest you do to make the most of your coverage: 

Before Your Trip 

Before your trip, verify that you are receiving health coverage under the CSU Health and Dental plan by contacting Studentcare at (514) 789-8790 or 1 (866) 795-4437. Inform them of your upcoming travel plans.   

Students who are leaving on a recognized academic exchange or who are participating in an internship as part of their studies can benefit from travel health coverage for the duration of the exchange or internship. The Plan also includes travel health coverage for the first 120 days of their trip and for 120 days after the end of their exchange or internship. 

If you are going on an exchange, please contact the Concordia International office at (514) 848-2424 ext. 4986 regarding your Confirmation Letter, which you will need to obtain an extension of your travel insurance. This letter confirms that Concordia acknowledges your acceptance into the host university and your participation in the exchange program. The letter must contain your departure date, return date, destination and the name of the host university. 

For internships, an official letter recognized by Concordia University, such as a letter from your Co-op program, or equivalent will be required to access your Travel plan. Please note that an internship that is not recognized by Concordia will not benefit from extended health coverage beyond the initial 120 days of your trip. 

Send your documents to 1200 McGill College Avenue, Suite 2200 by either:  

Complete your Travel Health Passport, and keep it on hand during your trip in case of an emergency. 


During Your Trip 

In the event of a medical emergency, please contact CanAssistance. If you are in Canada or the United States, please call 1-866-601-2583, or if you are elsewhere, please call 0-204-775-2583 prior to seeking medical treatment to assess your situation and help you locate a suitable provider in your area, and open a medical case to monitor your care. 

It is important to contact CanAssistance before seeking treatment as it can result in a 30% reduction to your eligible claim payment, or no reimbursement for the expenses you have already incurred. This may happen if the hospital is not recognized to be duly licensed. 

If you cannot contact CanAssistance, please seek medical treatment immediately, and have someone contact them on your behalf as soon as possible. 

CanAssistance will ask you to provide general information including your name, group policy number, student ID, the nature of your emergency and contact information. Their Assistance Coordinators will monitor your care until your treatment is complete. 


After Your Trip 

After your trip, please follow up with CanAssistance to inform yourself for the next step based on your situation. 


For more information about your travel health coverage: 

While in Quebec: BlueCross 1 204 788-6890  

While abroad:  

  • CanAssistance 1-866-601-2583 or for international 0-204-775-2583  
  • BlueCross 1 888 596-1032 (toll-free in Canada) 

For more information, visit the Studentcare Travel webpage and read through the different sections prior to your departure so that you are aware of the details of your coverage.