H-725, 7th floor, Hall Building (1550 de Maisonneuve Ouest)

Seats up to 4 individuals

Event Type
  • Marketing and sale of wares
  • Fundraising
  • Information booth
  • Approximately 3ft by 12ft
  • Extra shelving and pull-out tables on the sides of the kiosk
  • Cork board
  • Electrical outlets
  • Located in a high-traffic area
  • Conveniently located next to the Hive Café and Reggie’s Bar, for coffee or food runs
  • Open for use by local small businesses and the Concordia community


The kiosk is a permanent structure on the north side of the mezzanine (2nd floor) of Concordia’s Hall Building. It is the large, V-shaped table made of wood and rooted firmly in place, in between the freight elevator and the Mezzanine tables, to the left of the Hive Café. The Kiosk is located at H-220-90, outside of room H-239 and is used by small local businesses or members of the Concordia community. Please note that as this space is open to passers-by, it cannot be locked. Please keep an eye on any items you have for sale or distribution.  Most of Concordia’s classes are concentrated in this central building, giving you an opportunity to reach a large number and wide variety of students.  Many students pass through the mezzanine on their way to class, the student co-operative Hive Café, or Reggie’s (the student bar).  We recommend focusing on an eye-catching display to ensure that students notice your presence at the kiosk in the middle of the busy surrounding. The Kiosk is available for usage from 7:00am to 11:00pm, except when the University is closed and on statutory holidays. Please note that music, food, drinks, and alcohol are not permitted in the space.


Pricing & Policies for Kiosk


Type First Two Weeks of September Fall and Winter Semesters Summer Semester
Corporate $500/day $250/day $100/day
Small Business $300/day $100/day $50/day
Vendor $300/day $80/day $40/day
Non-profit $300/day $80/day $40/day
Student $300/day $50/day $25/day
Internal Users: Student Organizations & Concordia Departments/Services Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge


Reservation Policies for External Users:

All Kiosk bookings made by organizations or persons external to the University cannot be made through the booking platform. Booking requests by external users must be submitted by email to the Designated Space Administrator Yu-Hui Yu at

  • Reservations are on a per year basis (June 1st to May 31st)
  • Reservations are handled on a first come, first serve basis
  • Payments must be made within 5 business days of the reservation confirmation and prior to the reservation period, or the reservation will be canceled
  • One business/individual cannot book more than 5 days per month in September, October, February and March. On the first of these months, the remaining available days in that month may be reserved via email by clients who have already reached their quota of five days. These additional days must be booked on a first come, first served basis.

Reservation Schedule:

Reservation for the year begins June 1st at 00:01.

Cancellation Policy:

  • For notice of 10 business days and more, a full refund will be processed
  • For notice of less than 10 business days, 25% of the rental fee will be levied
  • For notice of less than 3 business days, 100% of the rental fee will be levied