Request to Book CSU Space

In order to book the 7th floor large lounge, small lounge, or cafeteria, please complete and return the attached form a full ten (10) business days prior to your event.

For an event where alcohol is part of the menu, your space request form along with a Sale and/or Service of Alcohol on Campus Waiver Form for Alcohol Related Events (the “Alcohol Waiver”) must be received at least twenty (20) business days prior to your event.

For an event requiring a Special Events permit from MAPAQ (refer to Sale or Service of Food on Campus Waiver Form for Self-Catered Events, the “Food Waiver”), your application must be received at least twenty five (25) business days prior to your event.


A Food Waiver is not required for events where:
1. Lower risk food (refer to Definitions below) is served/sold, or
2. Food is provided by an University approved caterer.

For an exhibition, indicate the theme and objects of display, along with materials and equipment used to display these objects. Sample pictures are required for exhibit of paintings, drawings and photographs. A layout of the arrangement may be requested. Where applicable, indicate how the exhibition will be secured overnight.

Please re-submit a new space request if the main components of your event are modified.


Lower Risk Foods are foods that pathogens have trouble surviving in because they are drier, have a high sugar or salt content, or are more acidic. These foods do not need to be kept hot or cold. Ex: cakes (except cheesecake or cream/dairy filled cakes), fruit pies, tarts, breads, candies, popcorns, chocolates, fudge, and brownies.

Higher Risk Foods are foods that can support the growth of pathogens and/or foods that have been associated with causing food borne illness. These foods must be kept and served hot or cold. Ex: cheesecake, pumpkin and meringue pies, frostings or fillings with cream cheese, custards, whipped cream or cheese, meats and dairies.

CSU Space Booking Form

Download the CSU Space Booking Form

Please return completed forms to H-711 or email to We regret that we cannot accept late requests.