Concordia Student Union

Concordia Student Nightline

Concordia Students’ Nightline is an anonymous, confidential, nonjudgmental active listening service run by student volunteers. What does that mean? 

Anonymous: the identities of both our volunteers and our callers are protected, providing privacy and security on both ends of the call.
Confidential: information revealed during the call will never be shared.
Nonjudgmental: we are comfortable discussing any subject that comes to mind, from the pros and cons of Hawaiian pizza to heavier topics like school stress or the loss of a loved one.
Active listening: like a journal, we are here to receive and discuss your feelings. We do not offer our opinions or advice. 

We’re available at 514-848-7787 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 6pm until 3am. Our goal in the coming years is to make our service available every night of the week. Concordia Students’ Nightline: we’re here to listen.

Instagram: @concordianightline