Concordia Student Union

Chasse et Pêche

At Chasse et Pêche, we are propelling young talents on the Montreal scene towards greater visibility and success. Our collective was created in 2018 and is composed of a group of students from ranging backgrounds. Like Montreal, our collective is constantly changing, evolving and adapting to the opportunities available.
We now define ourselves as a vessel for the Montreal art scene, whatever it may be. We want to be seen as a springboard for these artists who aspire to indulge themselves into opportunities, projects and meetings. We offer it through an experience “made in Chasse et Pêche” signifying: an evening, an event, audacious artists of all kinds, and a nice public that continues to renew itself. All marrying music to art.
“ Chasse et Pêche is a family and we want to create memories worth repeating ”