Sustainability Committee Grant Application Form

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Concordia Student Union committees manage annual budgets for the activities of the CSU that can also be accessed for project funding within certain limits. Each committee has a specific mandate, and will only provide funding to initiatives within this mandate. Priority access to these funds is given to undergraduate Concordia students, however – in some cases – funding can be awarded to graduate students, Concordia community organizations, or external projects and organizations, especially if Concordia undergrads are involved. Each committee accepts applications on a rolling basis.

Applicable committees are:

  • Sustainability Committee
  • Loyola Committee
  • Student Life Committee
  • External and Mobilization Committee
  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) Committee

For details on each of these committees and their corresponding budgets, please return to the ‘Funding’ homepage on the CSU webpage. [https://csu.qc.ca/funding]

Note: If you are applying on behalf of a student club or a student association, or for a project which is part of your program of study, we expect that you have already sought out funding from your designated student association. As such, your application must demonstrate that you already have lodged a special project funding application to your designated funding source.

  • For example, CSU clubs have access to CSU Special Clubs Funding, member associations of ASFA have access to ASFA’s Special Project Funding, Fine Arts students to FASA’s Special Project Grants, and so on.
  • For a list of project funds available to on-campus groups, please return to the Funding homepage on the CSU website. [https://csu.qc.ca/funding]

To be considered, all applications must be sent to the relevant committee for review, and include the following:

  • A copy of this form fully filled-out;
  • A detailed budget, including projected expenses and revenues;
  • If your project is organized by a student club or a student association, or is part of your program of study, proof that you have already applied for funding from your designated funding source (if you are an ASFA member association, proof that you have applied to ASFA Special Project Funding; if you are a club, proof that you have applied to CSU Clubs Special Project Funding);
  • Any relevant supporting documents.
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Expense description Amount
Space booking $400
Catering $150
Speaker honorarium $750
Moderator honorarium $200
Printing cost (posters, flyers) $60
Travel cost for speaker $200
Local transportation for speaker (metro pass) $10
Hotel cost for speaker (1 night) $120
TOTAL $1,890



Source of revenue Confirmed (Y/N) Amount
CCSL Yes $890
SAF No $700
CSU Community Action Fund $300
TOTAL $1,890