Anti-Consumerism Week 2019

This event series is all about consuming less, doing things yourself, questioning the economic systems that are failing us, and inspiring our communities to adopt more self-sufficient lifestyles. At the centre of the week is a gender-inclusive Clothing Swap, where thousands of donated clothes and accessories are organized and redistributed for free. Other past events include winter hikes, yoga classes, and workshops on brewing kombucha, making your own cosmetics, dumpster diving, and filmmaking on a budget. Anti-Consumerism Week has consistently been met with high attendance and interest—it’s one of the few event series at Concordia aimed at providing attendees with a variety of practical DIY skills. 🌿

Every Weekday

★ People’s Potato Lunch
12:30pm – 1:30pm | Hall 7th Floor

People’s Potato is a free vegan soup kitchen run out of Hall Building. The project was initiated in 1999 in order to address student poverty, and the kitchen emphasizes serving well cooked and wholesome foods!

★ The Hive Free Lunch
12:30pm – 1:30pm | SC-200 (Hive Café Loyola)

A free vegan/vegetarian lunch, run with the help of CSU funding. Managed by The Hive staff and countless dedicated volunteers, the Free Lunch provides healthy, sustainable, and balanced meals to over 230 students every weekday during the school year.


Monday, March 4th

★ DIY Kombucha
1pm – 2pm | CSU Large Lounge (Hall 7th Floor)
Facebook event

Shop less, ferment more! Stop spending $4 on tiny bottles of kombucha and instead, learn the basics of brewing your own magical beverage that improves digestion and increases immunity.

★ Beer Brewing with Brasseurs Illuminés
1pm – 3pm | CJ-1.121 (*changed from Loyola Hive)
Facebook event

Shop less, brew more! Forget corporate breweries—who needs ’em? This workshop will teach you how to make everyone’s favourite fermented beverage at home!

★ Cider-Making on a Shoestring Budget
3pm – 5pm | CJ-1.121 (*changed from Loyola Hive)
Facebook event

Can’t afford to get your drink on? Come learn how to make 8 litres of hard cider for less than 20 bucks! Free cider-making starter kits for the first 10 participants!


Tuesday, March 5th

★ Queer Clothing Swap
11am – 3pm | CSU Large Lounge (Hall 7th Floor)
Facebook event

We’re bringing the Queer Clothing Swap back for Anti-Consumerism Week! Clean out your closet, refresh your wardrobe, and put together some new looks with gender-affirming clothing items – for FREE! Donation bins are out now on both campuses; you can donate your clean clothing and accessories until March 3rd. Then, everyone’s welcome to come grab some new threads at the Swap! Any items not taken during the Swap will be donated to Fripe-Prix Renaissance, so please give generously.

★ Bread-making 101 — *FULL*
4pm | H-733 (People’s Potato Kitchen)
Facebook event

Learn how to make this staple food, and reflect on how our food choices can promote anti-consumerism and resilience.

★ Save Money; Refuse Your Rental Increase! — *FULL*
1pm – 3pm | H-224 (HOJO Office)
Facebook event

Did you get a notice of rent increase from your landlord this year? Do you feel awkward about refusing it? Why not come to our workshop and learn about your right to refuse the proposed rent increase *and* stay in your apartment! Registration required.

★ Dumpster Diving Theory
4:30pm | H-633-1
Facebook event

Interested in dumpster diving but not sure where to start? Wondering why there might be so much food in the trash? Come reflect on today’s food system and learn the DOs & DON’Ts of rummaging through garbage. No registration required.

★ Dumpster Diving Practice — *FULL*
6:30pm | Meet in Hall Building Lobby

Join us on an excursion to dumpsters near Concordia to find free & edible food that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Meet us in the Hall Building Lobby (by the art display box) for a dumpster fun run. Please bring: warm clothes, a flashlight/headlamp, gloves, and grocery bags. Registration required.


Wednesday, March 6th

★ DIY Cosmetics — *FULL*
11am – 1pm | Art Nook (Hall 7th Floor)
Facebook event

Blueberryjams will introduce you to common household ingredients that can be used to serve a multitude of cosmetic purposes. Participants will also make three products which they can then take home with them, along with a zine containing more recipes and tips. Participants are asked to bring their own glass jars and containers (3 containers between 100ml and 125ml). Registration required.

★ Feminist Drink & Draw
7pm | H-239 (Hive Café Downtown)
Facebook event

Shop less, create more! Join us for a relaxing evening of drinks, snacks, and feminist anti-capitalist arts and crafts. Concordia University’s Centre for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) collects usable materials from around campus and makes them available for free! Gearing up for the Zero Waste Campus Challenge, CUCCR will bring a variety of materials and ideas to help reduce your waste! Activities include prepping a beeswax snack wrap, sewing a produce bag, and making notebooks from reclaimed materials. You can also make DIY prints with Sidetracks Screenprinting Collective, and enjoy tunes courtesy of The Pudding Chômeur.


Thursday, March 7th

★ Bicycle Basics Drop-in Workshop
3pm – 5pm | Hall Building Mezzanine (2nd Floor)
Facebook event

Come learn how to fix flats, adjust brakes and gears, and troubleshoot your bike at this free drop-in workshop given by Le Petit Vélo Rouge volunteers.

★ Community Meal
5pm – 7pm | 2090 Rue Mackay

A healthy and delicious vegan supper provided every Thursday for the Concordia community, by donation ($2 recommended). Hosted by Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.


Saturday, March 9th

Baby & Kids Clothing Swap
9am – 1pm | H-711 (Concordia Student Union)
Facebook event

Children’s toys and clothing can be quite expensive and they often grow out them quickly. Many of us have piles of clothes that don’t fit anymore and toys that our little ones won’t even look at! So, let’s extend the life of our kids’ toys and clothes by swapping instead of shopping! Donation bins are out now on both campuses; you can donate your clean clothing and accessories until March 3rd. Then, come pick up baby and kids’ stuff at the Swap! Any items not taken during the Swap will be donated to Fripe-Prix Renaissance, so please give generously.


Saturday & Sunday, March 9th & 10th

★ JMAS Tax Clinic
10am – 5pm | MB Building Lobby
Facebook event

Come get your tax return filed for FREE at the John Molson School of Business on March 9th and 10th, between 10am and 5pm. See for a detailed description of the eligibility criteria as well as a list of things to bring with you. Please make sure you are eligible by reading the list on our website. Feel free to send a message to for any inquiries.


Accessibility Information

Accessibility information for each venue is available through the individual Facebook event pages and/or EventBrite registration pages. If you require childcare, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. You are also encouraged to contact us with any accessibility needs, which we will do our best to meet.

Contact information:  | 514-848-7474 ext. 8904