Executive Team

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Sophie Hough-Martin, General Coordinator

514-848-2424 ext. 8899

The General Coordinator is the leader of the executive team. They are the Union’s Chief Executive Officer and its official representative. Their job is to implement the will of Council, as well as the mandates given to the Union by students. They can also exercise the powers of Council between meetings, but must then have those decisions approved by your representatives. The General Coordinator pushes for student rights at every level, and is your primary spokesperson.

Mikaela Clark-Gardner, Academic & Advocacy Coordinator

514-848-2424 ext . 8903

The Academic & Advocacy Coordinator is the CSU’s main student representative on all academic bodies at Concordia University. They are also responsible for overseeing the Advocacy Centre, the Legal Information Clinic, and the Off-Campus Housing and Job Bank (HOJO), three of the key services offered to students by the CSU.

Princess Somefun, Internal Affairs Coordinator

514-848-2424 ext . 8900

The Clubs and Internal Affairs Coordinator is responsible for all of the CSU’s other services, as well as supporting CSU clubs in their work to engage the Concordia community. They also take care of the CSU’s ongoing process to improve student space on both campuses. They act as the Union’s Secretary, and maintains all its corporate books.

Camille Thompson, External Affairs and Mobilization Coordinator

514-848-2424 ext . 8906

The External Affairs and Mobilization Coordinator is the Union’s point of contact to other universities, associations, and to provincial student organizations. They are also responsible for mobilizing students as a part of the Union’s campaigns.

John Hutton, Finance Coordinator

514-848-2424 ext . 8901

The Finance Coordinator is responsible for keeping the Union’s finances transparent and accountable. They prepare the CSU’s annual budget and ensures that it is respected throughout the year. They also work to make sure that the CSU’s events and initiatives are financially responsible, sustainable, and transparent.

Alexis Searcy, Loyola Coordinator

514-848-2424 ext . 8912

The Loyola Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the CSU’s presence at Loyola campus. They make sure that Loyola students’ best interests are represented within both the union and the university, and to promote Loyola services and initiatives to the wider Concordia community.

Michéle Sandiford, Student Life Coordinator

514-848-2424 ext . 8905

The Student Life Coordinator is responsible for organizing the CSU’s major events on campus, such as Orientation. Their role is to help expand your horizons outside of classes, and to provide you with lots of different opportunities. They also acts as the Union’s primary contact with Faculty Associations.

Akira De Carlos, Sustainability Coordinator

514-848-2424 ext . 8902

The Sustainability Coordinator is responsible for the environmental, social, and political sustainability of the Union, as well as supporting student initiatives on campus and within the Concordia community. They therefore work closely alongside all of the other members of the executive and student groups, ensuring both Concordia and the CSU adhere to sustainable practices.