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Rules and Regulations

You can download the various documents concerning the regulations of the CSU here. 
  Ethics and Sustainability Policy  Screenshot

The CSU's Ethics and Sustainability Policy
Online since:   Dec 03, 2008
Downloads:   474
Filesize:   56.17 Kb
  CSU Standing Regulations  Screenshot

Part of the rules that govern the CSU.
Online since:   
Downloads:   2614
Filesize:   437.89 Kb
  CSU Judicial Board Code of Procedures  Screenshot

Code of procedures governing the CSU with respect to the complaints and appeals process. Please note that the Judicial Board email address in this code is outdated. Send complaints and appeals to:
Online since:   Jan 25, 2008
Downloads:   583
Filesize:   210.15 Kb
  CSU Bylaws (take effect March 1, 2012)  Screenshot

Here are the unofficial updates to the by-laws as of July 2013.
Online since:   Nov 23, 2011
Downloads:   1624
Filesize:   239.76 Kb
  CSU By-laws (no longer in effect as of March 1, 2012)  Screenshot

These By-Laws will be replaced as of March 1, 2012
Online since:   
Downloads:   2060
Filesize:   85.11 Kb
  Consolidated By-law Changes  Screenshot

This document shows each change that the bylaws have gone through since the reform process began, and has been added to the website as mandated by the CSU Council on November 23rd
Online since:   Nov 24, 2011
Downloads:   442
Filesize:   626.03 Kb
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